“This training was exactly what I needed at this difficult time in my career and life.”


“I came in a mess and left feeling put back together and ready to get back to life. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to slow down, reflect, and learn.”


“The trainer put me at ease right away and then led an outstanding training, which I plan to also provide to my entire team. This was helpful to me personally, but this is information all managers should know.”


“Thank you for the information, the support, and the laughs. I learned a tremendous amount and enjoyed the day much more than I thought I would.”


“The trainer was completely dedicated to helping me understand what went wrong and how to protect myself and my company in the future. She is an outstanding coach.”


“I am going back to the office and recommend that all managers go through this program. Had I done this before the incident, I don’t think I would have allowed it to occur.”


“I am very happy (my company) provided this training. The communication skills of the trainer were outstanding, the subject matter expertise was outstanding, and the overall program was outstanding.”


“This training exceeded my expectations.  The most useful part of the training was learning how to handle issues appropriately at the office with your co-workers that are friends.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to follow – she has great public speaking skills.”


“The overall value of the program was outstanding.  I learned how to better handle any conflicts in the office and communicating in a more understanding and helpful manner.”


“Seriously – it was excellent!  Engaging and informative.  The most useful part was (understanding) the real psychology behind actions that might be taken.  Really helped put things in perceptive . . . and practical ways to handle and discuss issues.”


“I learned strategies for talking and listening and how to better handle conflict and that I need to be my best professional self in any work related situation.”


“The reference handout will be useful in dealing with several aspects of dealing with my staff.”


“I learned different techniques to handle hostile situations.”


“At this training I learned there are good and easy to remember guidelines to follow when presenting and being approached with a problem.  The most useful part of the training was having someone who is an expert in this (teaching) it to you.  I don’t feel that I would have got this out of the reading our handbook.  Thank you!”


“The concrete examples of real world cases were very useful.” 



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