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One-On-One Sensitivity Training

Many organizations are faced with the dilemma of having a Key Person involved in a harassment or diversity-related situation. Perhaps a complaint has been filed, or the organization has just become aware of some seemingly inappropriate behavior.

When the person involved is an executive, a highly-skilled manager, or a high-producing sales person, addressing the situation requires a specialized approach. This Key Person may be too valuable to terminate, or the behavior they engaged in mild enough that some response other than termination is appropriate.

When your organization makes the cost/benefit calculation to retain this Key Person, DB Pargman has the best program available to correct the problematic behavior and protect your company from future liability.

DB Pargman was the first to advertise this unique service and remains the nation’s leading provider of One-on-One Sensitivity Coaching. Program success stems from providing the Key Person with a proven process and appropriate forum to gain uderstanding of their behavior, and related personal and professional consequences. Invariably, participants emerge from the session ready to return to the workplace focused on applying what they have learned.

Organizations tell us the combination of skill-building and processing is exactly what their Key Person needed during this challenging time. Coaching clients report outstanding value received for themselves and their organization. See our client testimonials as documentation of the program's success.

When a Key Person has been involved in a harassment or diversity issue, group training may not be the advisable or most effective response– they need something tailored to their unique situation, and the company’s desire to get them back to work.

Our program demonstrates your commitment to taking PROMPT CORRECTIVE ACTION which federal, state, and local courts have linked to a reduction in the ability of plaintiffs to recover damages. At the same time, it reiterates your continued commitment to your Key Person and their professional development.

What can our One-on-One program do for your Key Person?

Executive Coaching format is a positive, skill-building, educational investment in your Key Person. It is NOT punitive, judgmental, blame-seeking or negative in anyway

We go beyond the benefits of legal and diversity training, and provide your Key Person with the insights to improve performance and leadership

Not therapy or counseling, but some of the benefits of “processing” their situation (while being careful to avoid legally-compromising discussions) with the goal of moving beyond the incident and getting back to productive work.

Many of our clients are not involved in lawsuits or complaints, but rather seek to develop their leadership skills around issues of diversity and harassment prevention.

Coaching session is easily coordinated around their schedule and can take place at our beautiful training facility in Atlanta or in a location of your choosing.

We provide unlimited follow-up phone consultation to guarantee program benefits are realized for you and the Key Person


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